NARL Refining Limited Partnership is an oil refinery with the assets and resilience to power through the pressures of a highly-cyclical and challenging oil refining industry—a highly competitive globally integrated industry. In such a tough market it is critical to utilize our industry advantages to maximum effect. Those advantages include a highly skilled workforce, clean fuel production, a strategic geographic location on major shipping routes, and a flexible infrastructure. Our advantages have resulted in hard won successes.

NARL supplies the world’s fuel market needs. Our refinery’s flexibility enables us to adjust our crude intake and our petrol output to respond to current and future market demands. We keep a close eye on crude and fuel market movements so that we can identify changing trends and adjust our processes as needed.

Our refinery’s location provides direct access to fuel markets in Europe and the United States, and crude oil markets in the Middle East, the United States, and right here in our own province. This central location allows us to effectively and quickly supply the highest quality fuels including gasoline, jet, home-heat, ultra-low-sulphur-diesel, and bunker.

World regulations are now demanding the very clean fuels that we’ve been producing for years. Roughly 90 per cent of the petroleum products we make are exported to foreign markets. This injects new money into the Newfoundland economy and helps to keep the economy strong. While our fuels drive the world, the world’s monies are used to drive Newfoundland.

And, of course, we serve the local Newfoundland and Labrador market. Our locally-made home-heat fuels keep our neighbours warm and our clean gasoline and diesel move vehicles all around our fine province.